A model based on multiple perspectives

Differences can foster emergent learning. When we all agree on a given subject, or when we detect no difference between points of view, learning will not emerge. Thus, a system that intentionally invites people to think from multiple perspectives actively encourages those perspectives to challenge an accepted practice (see more about Learning 3.0). This is one of the reasons why there are always different guests sharing drops of knowledge in each chapter of the book. The concept of multiple perspectives is one of the pillars to evolve the Agile Coaching DNA

See below the list of contributors and fellows who helped the evolution of the Agile Coaching DNA. They are 28 experienced Agile Coaches, Facilitators, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Game Changers from countries like Australia,  Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Portugal and Sweden.  

(This list will grow in the next versions of the book)